For Live Scan, you must have your BCIA 8016 form filled out with the ORI number. Without this form, I cannot access the Fingerprinting software. 

For Manual fingerprinting, you must have the actual fingerprinting card that you need. Please fill them out with your information prior to rolling prints.

You must also have a current/valid identification card. 

1. All printed pages of document/s must be presented to Notary Public in person.
2. Signer/s must be physically present in front of Notary Public.
3. Signer/s must sign document/s in front of Notary Public.
4. Signer/s and witness/es must have valid current Identification Cards to be presented to Notary Public in person.
5. For Power of Attorney documents, most of the time you need two witnesses. I can't necessarily provide that automatically for you. Please be prepared and have your witnesses with you (with their current/valid identification cards).
You can always call me for more questions. 

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